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An American Marriage – Tayari Jones

OPRAH’S BOOK CLUB 2018 SELECTION “Haunting . . . Beautifully written.”— The New York Times Book Review  “Brilliant and heartbreaking . . . Unforgettable.”— USA Today  “A tense and timely love story . . . Packed with brave questions about race and class.”— People  “Compelling.”— The Washington Post  “Epic . . . Transcendent . . . Triumphant.”—Elle Newlyweds Celestial and Roy are the embodiment of both the American Dream and the New South. He is a young executive, and she is an artist on the brink of an exciting ...    Read More >


First Line

I have a garden now, and often I sit there and think about how the plague began.


The forest had claws and teeth.


“Let’s hex ’um.”


They'd driven all the way to Mr. Styles's house before Anna realized her father was nervous.


There's something moving inside the walls of my body.


Tonight... Dr. Aaron Pennington will draw his final breath.


My curse preceded me into the squad room.


It was a long drive and Eve cried most of the way home, because the big day hadn't gone the way she'd hoped, not that big days ever did.


On the second Sabbat of Twelfthmoon, in the city of Weep, a girl fell from the sky.



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Awakened (Semiramis Series Book 1) – Maya Daniels

In search for the books of destiny so she can save the lives of the people she loves as well as her own, Alexia is faced with her own shadowed past. Trying to discover the reason of her grandmother’s death, she discovers her true self, the core of who and what she is. From past lives, visions, sisterhood, and a burning desire to fight for true love, she’s navigating worlds she only ever read about. Her grief is making the desire for death alluring until ...



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