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The Dream Keeper’s Daughter – Emily Colin

A woman discovers an impossible connection that transcends time and place in this stirring, unforgettable novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Memory Thief. “A splendid mix of time travel, romantic yearning, and moving on after grief.”—Publishers Weekly Isabel Griffin has done her best to move on since her boyfriend, Max Adair, vanished without a trace eight years ago, leaving her heartbroken—and pregnant. Eerily enough, this isn’t the first time someone Isabel loves has gone missing. When she was sixteen, her mother disappeared, and her ...    Read More >


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Headcase and Other Splatterpunk Stories – David Charlesworth

The world is doomed due to one man’s vanity! Born a hideous, twisted wreck, Barney was willing to do anything for love and adoration. His facial abnormalities were too extreme for surgery to fix and his pride forbade him from paying for the company of women. With nothing left to lose, he decided to forfeit his soul in a deal with the devil for all the love, fear and respect in the world. There’s just one small problem… Barney doesn’t have all the facts in ...    Read More >

Finding Me – Stephanie Rose

I’ve always been lost . . . Abandoned by a father who didn’t want me. Cherished by a stepfather, though I wasn’t his. Shattered by a boy who swore he loved me. But I belonged nowhere, to no one. Then I met Owen, the sweet-talking hockey player who made me love him. He gave me the courage to trust in someone besides myself. He showed me a love I longed for. When an unwanted ghost comes knocking on my door, my heartbreaking history threatens to ...    Read More >