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Authors and Publishers: We’re looking for new and timely books.

  • No boxed sets, children’s books, or pre-orders.
  • No erotica. No nudity on cover. No obscenities in title.
  • Please do not type anything in ALL CAPS.
  • English language books only.
  • Text may be edited for style or content.
  • All posts subject to available space and editorial approval.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this free?


2. Really?

Yes. Your book gets a full page on our site. You’ll be featured on the front page for at least one day, and your cover and description will be included in our newsletter. Posts will be sent to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

If you have more than one book on our site, they’ll be cross-referenced at the bottom of each book’s page, along with a link to your author profile. (Example)

3. What’s in it for you?

A steady stream of new books keeps our site fresh and vibrant. When you send the information to us, we don’t have to spend time tracking it down.

4. What are you looking for?

Fiction in any genre suitable for the general public. Narrative non-fiction and biography. Books related to current events.

5. Do you accept everyone?

No. Each book is given a score based on the date published, the cover, the excerpt, the description, other books by the author, and various other bits of information. Some of these assessments are by nature subjective. Our checklist adds extra points for video and for being available at more than one retailer. Price is irrelevant, within reason. Your book does not have to be on sale.

We choose from traditional and independent authors, and hold both to the same high standards. Books that come to us via our online form get one extra point in our algorithm.

Please understand that in order to make this website useful for readers, and therefore of value to authors, we must exercise considerable discretion over extremely limited space. We try to make fair and reasonable decisions.

6. How will I know if my book is accepted?

You can check the status of your post on the Status Page. If we must decline, or if we have questions, we’ll send an email to the address you provided. Our email-bot will send a notice when your book is received, scheduled, and posted. Your spam settings may prevent these messages from being delivered. Please “allow bots” or whitelist “”

7. This is great, how can I help?

Tell your friends and fellow authors. The more people who discover us, the more people we can help discover you.

8. Where’s the form?

Here: Add Book Form