Current Campaign Schedule

1 Front, top The Store – James Patterson
1 Front, top Adventures Inside The Moon – C. J. Boyle
1 Front, top King of the Hoboes – John Reinhard Dizon
2 Books, right The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger – Stephen King
2 Books, right Wedgewood – Oscar Allen
2 Books, right Maisy and the Mystery Manor – Elizabeth Woodrum
3 Specials, right Before We Were Yours – Lisa Wingate
3 Specials, right Scepter – Scott L. Collins
3 Specials, right The Secret of Excalibur – Sahara Foley
4 Books, footer Sun Moon Earth: The History of Solar Eclipses from Omens of Doom to Einstein and Exoplanets – Tyler Nordgren
4 Books, footer Bullets of Palestine – Howard Kaplan
4 Books, footer Ms. Maxwell & Son – Norma Beishir
5 Categories, right Walkaway – Cory Doctorow
5 Categories, right Amadea: One Spring in France – Michelle Granas
5 Categories, right Tiffany – Rob Kelley
5 Categories, right The Whole Of The Moon – Kevin McManus
6 Trending, footer The Lying Game – Ruth Ware
6 Trending, footer Operation Underpants – Mark A Biggs
6 Trending, footer Lookin’ For Trouble (Honky Tonk Angels Book 6) – Ciana Stone
6 Trending, footer The Trojan Project – Eileen Thornton
7 My List, left The Witchwood Crown – Tad Williams
7 My List, left Southern Comfort – Ciana Stone
7 My List, left Cara’s Twelve – Chantel Seabrook
8 Categories, footer American Assassin – Vince Flynn
8 Categories, footer The Preston Emerald – Erik Carter
8 Categories, footer Dominion Over All – W. Bradford Swift
9 Unfiltered, left What Lies Beyond the Stars – Michael Goorjian
9 Unfiltered, left The House on Hayden Pond – Jessica L Monks
9 Unfiltered, left The Last Goodbye – David J Cooper
10 Daily, right The Devil’s Triangle – Catherine Coulter
10 Daily, right The Snow Globe – Tony Faggioli
10 Daily, right Letters To The Damned – Austin Crawley
11 Collections, left Why Buddhism is True – Robert Wright
11 Collections, left Snowdrops and Stardust – Sue Lilley
11 Collections, left Second Marriage: An Insider’s Guide to Hope, Healing & Love – Sharilee Swaity
11 Collections, left Love on the Rocks: Summer in Whitehorse Bay – Emily Anne Brandon
12 Unfiltered, footer The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – Taylor Jenkins Reid
12 Unfiltered, footer A Space Girl from Earth (The Kyroibi Trilogy Book One) – Christina McMullen
12 Unfiltered, footer Gallowglass – Jennifer Allis Provost
13 Trending, right The Authentics – Abdi Nazemian
13 Trending, right The. Best. Relationship. Ever. – Wayne C. Allen
13 Trending, right Walking Through: Roberta Thatcher and the Curse of the Red – W Asher Charles
13 Trending, right Legacy: A three book set – Ciana Stone
13 Trending, right The Other Side of Dreams – A Nightstalker Novel – Jennifer Tilson
14 Front, left Emma In The Night – Wendy Walker
14 Front, left Aether Walker: Game Changer – NAK Baldron
14 Front, left Scarlet Angel – C.A. Wilke