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Fall of the Cities: Planting the Orchard – Vance Huxley

The world is falling apart. Terrorists spark a worldwide oil and gas crisis while imports grind to a halt. Europe and Britain are erupting into chaos as food runs out and desperate people take matters into their own hands. As the government begins to seal off rioting parts of the city, Corporal Harry Miller takes an offered discharge to get his sister and her kids to safety. But he’s not fast enough. Trapped in the city with a rag-tag collection of ordinary citizens, Harry struggles ...    Read More >

Descendants of the Dragon – Kelcey Hill

After the death of her grandfather, Zhou Da abandoned the traditions of her family and threw herself into the study of science and biology. Now a renowned paleontologist, Zee eats, sleeps and breathes dinosaurs. Years later she finds herself comfortable with her life and career, until she receives an unexpected invitation from her godfather — a conservation scientist — to join a select team of professionals in researching a classified project near a small village in rural China. After fighting lifelong embarrassment and stereotypes associated ...    Read More >

The North Water – Ian McGuire

One of The New York Times Book Review‘s 10 Best Books of the Year Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize A New York Times Book Review Notable Book An Amazon Best Book of the Year “The North Water…is a great white shark of a book — swift, terrifying, relentless and unstoppable.” —Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times “Riveting and darkly brilliant….The North Water feels like the result of an encounter between Joseph Conrad and Cormac McCarthy in some run-down port as they offer each other ...    Read More >

Flash – Tim Tigner

What would you do. . . if you woke up to the sound of screaming . . . in the trunk of a car . . . beside a dead cop . . . with no idea where you were . . . or why . . . or when? In FLASH, Troy and Emmy are about to find out. Imagine THE BOURNE IDENTITY meets THE FIRM. “Exciting from beginning to end!” —Sandra L. Whaley “I like this author!! I enjoy his sense of humor, ...    Read More >

A Most Apocalyptic Christmas – Phil Williams

On the night before Christmas, mercenary Scullion’s ride home is ambushed halfway between the last surviving cities in America. Concerned only with getting drunk for the holiday, his attempts to abandon his fellow passengers to bandits set him on a collision course with a barbaric community who have utterly distorted the seasonal spirit. This is one madcap night he cannot survive alone, challenging his perceptions of the meaning of Christmas. “A Most Apocalyptic Christmas” is a near-future dystopian novella, set in a war-ravaged land where ...    Read More >

Any Means Necessary – David DeLee

Alone on the Atlantic Ocean, three days out from Boston Harbor and the coastline of America, the MV CALEB may be bringing a very dangerous cargo to the United States. Brice Bannon, along with his friends Tarakesh “Blades” Sardana and Skyjack McMurphy, must confirm the existence of the threat and then neutralize it by any means necessary.    Read More >

Alexandria Rising – Mark Wallace Maguire

His grandfather left him with one task. Destroy a map that had been kept hidden for centuries. He could never imagine the journey it would lead him on and the secrets he would discover. This action adventure novel has a perfect balance of serious suspense and wry humor, that ties in themes of history and culture, balanced with mystery and romantic tension. While its content is unique, author Mark Wallace Maguire’s style and storytelling has been compared to Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy and Dan Brown    Read More >

Starting the Slowpocalypse (Books 1-3 Omnibus) – James Litherland

The first 3 Slowpocalypse novels (Certain Hypothetical, Threat Multiplication, and Compromised Inside) plus the prequel short story (Durable Impressions) in one massive volume— When FURC Director Jonathan Miles makes the decision to seal the compound containing the first Federal University Research Complex to keep the facilities out of the hands of a secessionist governor, he starts a chain of events hastening the collapse of an already crumbling civilization and putting the FURC community in peril. And his daughter Kat fights to protect them as they ...    Read More >