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Sick in the Head – Judd Apatow

“Sprawling and insightful . . . The candidness of the interviews also exposes the peculiar community of comedians with anecdotes and cameos unlikely to be heard elsewhere. A delightful and hilarious read for anyone interested in what makes comedians tick.”—Kirkus Reviews

Run, Wrexsome … Run! – Sylvia FitzSimons

2015 Summer Book Awards Winner: When Oliver, a shy and somewhat socially-challenged fourteen-year-old with an over-active imagination gets his first dog - an adopted Lurcher - he soon begins to see his new canine companion as a 'very special dog indeed', capable of great achievements.

Roomies – Lindy Zart

Just a roommate. Not a relationship. Then his brother shows up, and the triangle is formed. Blake wants Kennedy, Kennedy wants Graham. Graham is not available. A romantic comedy with a snarky stream-of-consciousness narrator.