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Sword Scroll Stone – Scott Michael Decker

One by one, three ancient and heavily-guarded talismans disappear. After Columba Riverford’s induction to the Hall of Swords, the sacred sword Genesyx is stolen, and Columba accused of its theft. Meanwhile, Aridisia Myric obtains membership to the Crypt of Scrolls, and the One Scroll Canodex vanishes. Soon after, the One Stone Luxullian disappears and Baron Marl Gneiss’s induction to the Vault of Stones is denied. Banished, the three embark on a quest to recover the sacred artifacts and restore their names. Unknown to them all ...    Read More >

Shift of Shadow and Soul – Hilary Thompson

There are three kinds of magic in the world, and Corentine has the wrong one. Long ago, the Restless King forced Corentine’s people into hiding as he scoured their blood for the SoulShifter. When Corentine learns she possesses some of the forbidden Shifter magic, she must hide her power or risk the same death her twin suffered. Raised to trust no one, she rejects the General’s son Sy, until she realizes his family secrets might be the key to unlocking hers. When his brother turns ...    Read More >

Amberlin – Divine Destiny – W. Bradford Swift

Amberlin is direct, outspoken, and adventuresome, traits that Golden Acres of Christ — the radically conservative community in which she lives — would rather suppress. If you don’t follow the rules, Reverend Stover will make sure you suffer the consequences. So Amberlin is careful to keep her gift hidden. She can sense the emotions of others with a single touch, and bend the elements to her will. Her grandfather believes Amberlin is destined to save their world from darkness, and decides to help fulfill her ...    Read More >

Spell of the Black Unicorn – Lorelei Bell

Zofia Trickenbod, a sorceress from another planet, is stuck on modern-day Earth. Things have been quiet for the past three years, until one morning she finds her long-lost husband Dorian on her doorstep. And he’s undead. Meanwhile, the evil wizard Vaseelvod Blood is hypnotizing Zofia’s neighbors to get the magical Stone of Irdisi back from her – and kill Zofia in the process. After Blood abducts her children, Zofia must deal with a nasty demon, get past a dragon, deal with a lamia, save her ...    Read More >

The Cinderella Plan (Revved Up Fairy Tales Book 1) – Diana Flame

Two princes … Only one is the true heir to the throne. Dark secrets hide within the Izadel kingdom, but one girl is about to bring those secrets to light. Once upon a time a girl lost a glass slipper, married the prince and lived happily ever after… right? Wrong. Feisty, beautiful and certainly no pushover, Cinderella and her stepmother are at war. She’s long since rid herself of her stepsisters and has finally thrown out her evil stepparent. However, her troubles are only just ...    Read More >

Heronk – Ronald Richards

Meet the unlikeliest of heroes: Gustav, a wooden goose decoy. His story begins after his creation at the hands of an old German craftsman in 1930’s Illinois. Over the course of the next half century, he is pulled along by the current of rivers, pushed by the energy of providence and influenced by the power of the human spirit. Through many travels and unexpected travails, his story offers a unique and insightful glimpse into the world of the waterfowler. Who would think that glass eyes, ...    Read More >

Knight in Charlotte – Edward F Mckeown

Who would dream that the button-down,corporate-friendly, “and what church do you go to?” Southern City of Charlotte NC would prove such fertile ground for supernatural evil? It also provides a target rich environment for Knight Templar Jeremy Laclerc, the ultimate “Doubting Thomas” and his guardian angel, the long suffering, Shadowheart. Armed with his Bloodsword, he faces evil in the land of kudzu and NASCAR. Follow the collected adventures of Jeremy, Shadowheart, Demon-banker Bob, the were-girl Proserpine, and the South’s sexiest vampire Debbie Middleton as they ...    Read More >

In the Enemy’s Service – Annie Douglass Lima

Enslaved when invaders take over Alasia, Anya discovers ways to spy on the enemy and slip information to the resistance. But then she uncovers a disturbing reference to her own family and is confronted by a stranger who seems to know her secrets. Holding her life in his hands, he claims to have proof that Anya’s father was involved in the betrayal that led to the Invasion itself. In the Enemy’s Service is the second book in the Annals of Alasia, but the series can ...    Read More >