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Talismans – Lisa Lowell

Spellbinding fantasy adventure from Lisa Lowell, author of The Wise Ones series. Owailion, the Awakened One, is plagued with amnesia. After meeting Mohan, a gargantuan dragon, he becomes his apprentice. As the dragons are preparing to enter hibernation for a thousand years, Owailion is tasked with the mission to protect the Land from all invaders. He will be alone; the only human sealed off from the rest of the world. After Owailion learns that the thousand-year old runestones have been stolen, he is charged with ...    Read More >

Connor – Dormaine G

Connor’s life takes a U-turn when she discovers her incredible abilities, and a whole new world opens up around her. Thrilled by her newfound powers, she soon realizes that being special often means being singled out – and not always by those with good intentions. With a group of friends who share similar abilities, Connor sets on a path of discovery and adventure, as they try to find out more about their true self and origin. They soon find themselves pursued by Ronin; young, smart ...    Read More >

Riftkeepers: Prime – Carrie Whitethorne

“There’s a darkness in you, Charlotte.” Beltane is the festival of new beginnings – an evening of dancing, music and fun. Just what Charlotte needs after losing her mother. What she doesn’t expect is Callan; tall, blond and handsome, he sweeps her off her feet. After a weekend together they part ways, expecting to never see each other again. Seven years later, Charlotte is juggling her family with work. She has no time for a personal life… until Callan finds her. Revealing his hidden identity, ...    Read More >

Reflections – Clifton Kenny

A humble youth. A paranormal gift. A haunting history. In 1974, Shane Sullivan is a quiet, gangly teen in the suburbs of Boston who discovers he can explore the ancestral memories of a person’s lineage. Confused and frightened, his pursuit of this supernatural ability takes him down a dark and unexpected road of history long forgotten β€”or rewritten by historians. With the aid of his two friends, Jimmer and Paige, he contemplates a more ruthless version of the reality he thought he knew. Shane finds ...    Read More >

The Reviled – Cynthia A. Morgan

In the mystical realm of Jyndari, a relationship blossoms between two unsuspecting, yet kindred souls. Ayla, a Light-loving Guardian of Childfey, hides more than a few secrets β€” ones which isolate and set her apart from the rest. Yet Ayla’s veiled confidences entice one who lurks in the shadows. Silent and watchful, this dangerous presence knows all too well the secrets she wishes kept hidden. The Darkness-revering Fey bids his time, waiting for the ideal moment to step away from the shadows and reveal himself ...    Read More >

Prince of Malorn – Annie Douglass Lima

One major obstacle stands between seventeen-year-old Prince Korram and the throne that is his birthright: Regent Rampus. Temporary ruler of Malorn, Rampus has no intention of giving up his position when the crown prince comes of age – or of allowing the prince to live long enough to reach that age. Desperate to build an army of his own to stand against the regent, Korram treks into the Impassable Mountains to try to recruit the one segment of Malornian society not under Rampus’s control. But ...    Read More >

Alloria – David Staniforth

On her tenth Birthday Alloria discovers her true identity is a mystery. Her adoptive parents return to her an amulet they took from her after finding her in their cellar, bare-footed and clutching a rag doll. Exploring the cellar and discovering that the amulet opens a mysterious labyrinth, Alloria embarks on a quest in search of answers, a quest that flings her into an adventure brimming with danger, pain, love, magic, and brutal honesty. The magic begins here… and that’s the TRUTH!    Read More >

The Last Hero – Craig Gaydas

In a dystopian future, superhumans are being manufactured. Having survived a personal tragedy, Bryan Whittaker decides to fight crime and corruption, and save the city from the force that killed his family. After signing up for the Hero Program, Bryan becomes Soulfire. Years later, the “products” of the program are targeted by an assassin. Soulfire finds himself being accused; only he has the abilities sufficient to overpower the others. But is there someone else in the game? With the corrupt Hero Factory shaken to its ...    Read More >