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Verloren – Nina Slack

Verloren- a beautiful German word meaning lost. Imagine being lost in a fairy- tale world in the enchanting forests of Germany. Anything could happen… and does happen. Will you ever find your way out? Do you even want to? The woods captivate and inspire, haunt and frighten. So, what are you waiting for? Step inside… 1800’s Germany- The Land Of Fairy Tales. Albert and Delilah become lost in the enchanting woods of Germany. They encounter creatures and mysteries that have long existed for hundreds of ...

The Way – Mary E. Twomey

Blue Anders lives in a world not separated by race, creed or color, but by blood type. She must fight against and alongside her brother to free their people and end the slavery forced upon her family. Standing up to her sociopath brother will be difficult, but admitting what she wants when she meets an intriguing man from the ruling class just might be impossible.

Rise of the Storm – Christina Ochs

When a renegade priest prophesies an imminent apocalypse, a conflict is sparked which will tip a continent into war. Prince Kendryk is young, handsome and popular, his kingdom prosperous and peaceful. But in the face of the prophesied apocalypse, he must choose between conscience and power. If he chooses the side of faith, he must defy the ruthless Empress Teodora, ruler of a vast empire, imperiling kingdom and family— but if he chooses the side of power, he risks plunging his world into a darkness ...

Undraland – Mary E. Twomey

After her parents and twin brother died a year ago, Lucy Kincaid was determined to put together a normal life for herself. With her heart set on college life, Lucy’s dreams of medical school are dashed when a rabid bear attacks her in the middle of suburbia. When Jens, a handsome yet irritable stranger, saves her life, Lucy’s gratitude is cut short when he abducts her, taking her to a land filled with people and creatures she remembers from bedtime stories she assumed were just ...

The Swords of B’ajj: Pathfinder – James Buehler

Steve Wolfe faces a tough decision. Does he track down his kidnapped sister using Pathfinder, his mystic sword, or does he exchange a friend for her safety? While traveling across the United States searching for clues to her whereabouts, he and his friends discover that a little girl also needs their help. Will time run out before they help everyone, or will someone become a sacrifice to save the others?

A Halo of Mushrooms – Andrew Hiller

A Halo of Mushrooms is a contemporary novel that takes place on Earth, in bakeries, and may be the first fantasy in history where the answer lies in a dessert. Once planted, it lives everywhere… In a place of origins, the first Fairie Ring withers. Worlds die. Wonder fades. As its last ripple reaches out, fell creatures barricade up the few remaining Bald Mushrooms and wars are fought for the right to possess what precious little remains…. Until Derik, a healer, creeps through lines of ...

The Silence of Lir – Mary E. Twomey

Behind the scenes of our spinning earth are keepers of the elements who make sure tornadoes don’t destroy cities, fires don’t ravage forests, earthquakes don’t decimate towns, and floods don’t take out humanity. Now the keepers must enlist the help of one man, Finn, to help them bring light back to the fading sun.