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The House of Courtenay – Chris Tetreault-Blay

Step into a house, its history woven with fear and suffering, where three creepy tales await you. In ‘Ummidia’, find out what happens when fear grows into obsession. The house’s namesake, Ryan Courtenay, descends into madness after smuggling an exotic pet home from the States. Discover a fragment of the property’s twisted past and grisly present in ‘The Killing Floor’, as a group of teens choose to celebrate end-of-term in the worst possible way – by spending the night. One of the group is fortunate ...    Read More >

The Death Mask – Tom Raimbault

Amber has a simple wish; to meet her soulmate, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Luckily, she has a special gift which makes everything she wishes for come true. But this gift is tagged with a price. What seems to be a dream come true for Amber and her newfound love Michael, begins to morph into a nightmare of obsession and betrayal. A mystical relic gives Michael and his daughter supernatural powers, tormenting Amber through their marriage. Will Amber’s happily ever ...    Read More >

Amaranthine and other Stories – Erik Hofstatter

Amaranthine and Other Stories serves up nine schlock horror slices, sprinkled with quirk and humor. Forget vampires. Forget werewolves. Forget ghosts. Humans are the ultimate grotesques. Variant flavours of woe sift through these pages. The results are sometimes hilarious, sometimes outright hair-raising! As a bonus, the collection also includes story notes, offering the reader a rare glimpse into the inspiration behind each tale. A compelling anthology of horror and dark fantasy short stories, Amaranthine is an impressive collection from one of the new promising British ...    Read More >

It Lives In The Basement – Sahara Foley

One day your three cats disappear. The next day, your girlfriend. And you think something that’s living in your basement killed them. A strange case lands on Lieutenant Flynn’s desk, as he’s assigned to investigate the disappearance of a couple and their three cats. It’s as if they have vanished to thin air. A few years later, Detective Pete Alvarez investigates a gruesome death of an immigrant in the same house. Along with Detective Carter, they must uncover the truth behind the disappearance… but what ...    Read More >

The Clayton Chronicles – Edwin Stark

Strange events are taking place in the small town of Nosfort, Massachusetts. A corpse turns up with strange marks on its neck, key people in the town are disappearing – and who are those pale, sharp-toothed strangers the townsfolk can’t seem to notice? For Sheriff Clayton Harris, there can be only one conclusion. But how can one lone lawman take on the nest of bloodsuckers that has taken root in his town? With the help of an undead sidekick, of course. Come inside and meet ...    Read More >

Splintered Ice – Stuart G. Yates

Jed is lost in suffering after his mother walks out on him and his father. After he saves a man from drowning in the local park, a series of dangerous and confusing events is set in motion. Love, fear, hate, violence. Who can he trust, and who does he really know? This journey only has one destination. Splintered Ice is an intriguing story of suspense, mystery and horror, where the unexpected abounds in a twisted series of related incidents guaranteed to keep the pages turning ...    Read More >

Strange Tales – John Reinhard Dizon

In the macabre style of Stephen King, with twists of satire and irony reminiscent of O. Henry, comes three Strange Tales… β€’A small Irish village is haunted by a series of gruesome murders. Then a mysterious woman arrives just as a young girl is found hideously tortured and mutilated at the bottom of Devil’s Drop. Who is The Lady on the Hill? β€’A prosperous, self-absorbed couple uncharacteristically offer shelter to two beggars. But then both claim to be reincarnated souls from a long-forgotten past, hell ...    Read More >

Mercy – Richard Turner

In 1865 Louisiana, Captain Robert Cooper from the Freedman’s Bureau is sent to investigate a rash of strange murders and disappearances. His unexpected arrival in Williamstown is met with a mix of anger and suspicion. With gangs of demobilized Confederate soldiers roaming the woods, Cooper is quick to realize that his job may be harder than first expected. Yet, the terror that plagues the farms and plantations around Williamstown cannot be easily explained away. Something is in the woods waiting for night to fall and ...    Read More >