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House of Horrors – Carole Gill

Step into Carole Gill’s House of Horrors… if you dare. In this horror collection you’ll find stories of vampires, zombies, murderous midgets, demon clowns, evil dolls, haunted cemeteries, a real shop of horrors, taxidermy gone haywire, serial killers and more! Your worst fears and nightmares dished up for you with extra helpings of blood-curdling terror!

The Silent Corner – Dean Koontz

A dazzling new series, a pure adrenaline rush, debuts with Jane Hawk, a remarkable heroine certain to become an icon of suspense “I very much need to be dead.” These are the chilling words left behind by a man who had everything to live for—but took his own life. In the aftermath, his widow, Jane Hawk, does what all her grief, fear, and fury demand: find the truth, no matter what. People of talent and accomplishment, people admired and happy and sound of mind, have ...

The Merchant – VR McCoy

A mysterious stranger moves to New Orleans during Prohibition and opens a mystical speakeasy called ‘The Gates’. It’s a place where all your dreams and desires may come true; where the supernatural mingle with the living. Saints and sinners, gangsters and G-men alike come to party like there’s no tomorrow. But when the morning comes, all bets are off. You may have the time of your life, or experience your worst nightmares. It’s the dawn of jazz in Crescent City, where laws are left to ...

Forever – Natalie J. Case

Gripping, original vampire fiction from Natalie J. Case, author of Through Shade And Shadow. Born in the dawn of man’s history, Amara is neither human nor vampire and yet fully both; a killer, a child, a lover, a monster. Wandering the world, she seeks redemption and vengeance in equal measure. Discovering love in its many forms and loss in its deepest agony, her life circles around two others who return to her again and again, until their fates are set right.

A Trinity of Wicked Tales – Kyla Ross

In this collection of dark tales lives are savagely twisted, inner demons are reawakened and deception reigns supreme. A quest for a fix turns bloody for two heroin addicts as their vicious endeavors land them into a gruesome pitfall. A marketing executive and car salesmen are deceived by the ones they love. Armed with rage, they set out to slaughter those responsible.

The Melting Dead – Doug Lamoreux

Everything they grab hold of burns. Everyone they touch dies. Everything they kill comes back from the dead. A group of innocent and not-so-innocent characters are trapped on a secluded Mississippi River island, infested with bloodthirsty monsters; humans transformed by cosmic radiation. This B-movie between book covers is a true roller-coaster ride; a tale of terror to burst your heart with fear and make your sides ache with laughter. As a bonus for horror fans and those who celebrate Halloween 24/7/365, woven throughout the story ...

Vampir – John Reinhard Dizon

Defence attorney Celeste Maher has seen her share of gruesome cases, but nothing as disturbing as the one for which crime lord Velimir Radojka is accused for. After Celeste is unexpectedly arrested for her client’s murder, Detective Shea Tyrone gets on the case, determined to prove his girlfriend’s innocence. He soon has several problems to deal with: exsanguinated corpses, street gangs on the verge of a turf war, rumors of human sacrifice. Entangled in a web of ritual murders spanning two continents, Shea and Celeste ...

Dracula’s Demeter – Doug Lamoreux

In his classic ‘Dracula’, Bram Stoker, with a few cryptic entries in an unnamed captain’s journal, offered hints of the voyage that brought the vampire king from his homeland to a blood-rich London. Now, the whole mind-rending tale is told. July, 1897. The Demeter sets sail from Varna, carrying fifty oblong boxes filled with earth. A month later in the middle of a raging storm, the derelict schooner runs aground in Whitby. The only living thing aboard is a huge dog that vanishes into the ...