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A View to Die For – Richard Houston

Outsourced software engineer Jacob Martin is trying to make the best of a divorce and mid-life crisis when he gets a call at two o’clock Sunday morning from his mother. His sister has been arrested for murder, and his father is near death.

Waking up Blank – Sara Schoen

Chelsea Lerman wakes from a sixteen-week coma with a shattered memory. Following the brutal attack that left her life in tatters, Chelsea learns her best friend Maddie Gray was murdered. Left with only fragments of memory—and none at all about the crime—she is certain she wouldn’t kill Maddie. But the police aren’t looking for who did it, because they already have a prime suspect…Chelsea.

A Murder in Mount Moriah – Mindy Quigley

From award-winning mystery writer Mindy Quigley comes a hilarious tale of small town intrigue and big-time crime. When the annual Civil War reenactment in her hometown of Mount Moriah, North Carolina produces a real casualty, Lindsay's life is in danger, but her efforts to expose the century-old sins that lie at the heart of the mystery are undermined by her disastrous love life, her no-good mother, and a ninja-like squirrel--not to mention the small matter of a dangerous killer who'll stop at nothing to keep a sinister secret. "Rev. Harding is delightful!" - BookoftheDay.org

The Secret They Kept – Juliet D. Jones

Every camp has its mysterious legend.... The Apollo Marching Hawks were full swing into what should have been a simple, nothing-too-exciting week at Camp La Rosa. What happens one chilling night in the woods changes all of their lives forever, forcing them into keeping a foreboding secret.