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Alex Finch: Monster Hunter (The Monster Files Book 1) – Cate Dean

Book 1 of an exciting YA paranormal series! Meet Alex Finch – tomboy, techno geek, monster hunter. Reluctant monster hunter. A school project, an absentminded project partner, and a misplaced backpack all change 16-year-old Alex Finch’s life forever. In a single afternoon Alex finds the missing backpack, has a run-in with Sam, the boy she’s had a crush on since first grade – and discovers that monsters are real. That mind-blowing incident throws her life in a completely different direction, uncovering secrets that cost her ...

Dream Doctor – J.J. DiBenedetto

Between adjusting to life as a newlywed and trying to survive the first month of medical school, Sara Alderson has a lot on her plate. She definitely doesn't need to start visiting other people's dreams again. Unfortunately for her, it's happening anyway.

Sire & Childe #1: Embrace – Eileen Glass

Sam wakes up to find himself the captive of vampire hunters. Having no memory, he’s confused about why they insist he’s not human. Admittedly, he’s not quite himself. His hearing is a little better, and he can’t help reacting strangely to certain scents, but he attributes this to his hazy, drugged state. His captors disagree. They call themselves the Clan, and they tell him he’s the youngest they’ve ever seen, a newborn only days old. Supposedly, he’s so precious that the vampires will start a ...

The Girl In Between – Laekan Zea Kemp

Bryn Reyes is a real-life sleeping beauty. Afflicted with Klein-Levin Syndrome, she suffers episodes of prolonged sleep that steal weeks, and sometimes even months, from her life. But unlike most KLS patients, she doesn’t spend each episode in a catatonic state or wake up with no recollection of the time she’s missed. Instead, Bryn spends half her life in an alternate reality made up of her memories. For Bryn, the past is a place, until one day a boy she’s never met before washes up on the illusory beach of her dreams with no memory of who he is.

Outcry – Jennifer Michiels

Legends are myths, fables, stories passed down for years and years, from one generation to the next. They are not real, they do not walk and talk, and they certainly do not stalk an ordinary twenty-five year old like Rayne Slade. ...or so she thought.

The Devil’s Lament – Kenneth W. Harmon

Lucifer stills walks among us, testing the faithful at every turn. Then he discovers the reincarnation of Eve in a Dust Bowl revival tent … and their ancient passion threatens the world again. When Lucifer and Eve were together in Eden, their relationship changed the fate of humanity. What will happen if God brings them together again?