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Canaan’s Land – Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Canaan Moss is a farmer, a man struggling to make a living from the land his family has owned for generations. It’s difficult to accomplish in the 21st century Ozarks in a remote corner of Missouri but he’s scraping by, one day at a time, living lonely. He meets Kaitlin Koch, a local journalist who wants to do a feature about his farm but before it can happen, law enforcement agents descend on his farm. He’s arrested for a marijuana field he didn’t grow and ...    Read More >

Backseat With The Billionaire: A Bad Boy Dark Romance – Lilah May

She just wants to use him for revenge. Him. A billionaire MMA fighter whose cocky smile and washboard abs make wet panties drop left and right. She thinks she wants him for one amazing night out and end it. Boy, did she think wrong. He’s about to teach her how much more she really wants. LISA Finding out your husband’s cheating is hard. Finding out it’s with a college girl is even harder. The easy part? Retribution: beating him blue with a baseball bat and ...    Read More >

Tin Man and Rabbit – Gideon Stevens

Tom is having a bad day. A faceless, heartless group of real estate investors will do anything to take his family home and turn it into a Mini-mart. Once he is forced to accept the inevitable he finds himself dependent on Lisa – a real estate relocation agent. Through a series of adventures and misadventures, they find themselves drawn inexorably into a love affair. Will it survive? Or is this just a one day sort of thing? This is a warmhearted story and a pleasant ...    Read More >

Wounded Warriors – Simone Beaudelaire

Six men enter the military, all for different reasons, but war bonds these disparate strangers into brothers, with all expected loyalty… and tension. War demands a terrible price, and only four come home, profoundly changed and not sure how they fit into the world anymore. As three of these wounded warriors move forward to engage in love, life and the future, will their damaged bodies and souls get in the way… or open the door to depths they never realized they’d be capable of? When ...    Read More >

Boss Unyielding: A Secret Baby Office Romance – Nicole R. Locker

Farren Fields shouldn’t be attracted to her hot, older boss… But she is. She’s brains and beauty, unafraid to go after what she wants – until her sexy, Alpha, playboy boss becomes the object of her innermost desires. Rogan Rayner knows his new star employee is off limits… But when have limits ever been able to stop him? “In this world, there is nothing softer or thinner than water. But to compel the hard and unyielding, it has no equal. That the weak overcomes the ...    Read More >

To Dance One More Day – Rachel Jones

To Dance One More Day: Jillian Russell, a promising prima ballerina, suffers the loss of her dance career. Redirecting her life, she opens the North Carolina Ballet Company. Trauma surgeon, Alan Armstrong relocates to Charlotte, North Carolina for a fresh start. A supporter of the arts, Alan finds himself on the board of Jillian’s ballet company. It is not long before they are romantically drawn to one another. When Alan discovers Jillian has been misdiagnosed, he tells her she must decide between their love and ...    Read More >

Scarred Santa – Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

His Persian Gulf service as a Marine left Rafe Sullivan wounded and scarred. His return to civilian life has proved difficult at best. He’s quit more jobs than most people ever hold in a lifetime and he’s become a near recluse. Although he interacts with his widowed mother and his brother’s family, Rafe lives lonely. A chance glance at a beautiful woman at a church dinner leads to another encounter. Sheena Dunmore comforts him during a PTSD moment and because of her, he accepts a ...    Read More >