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Lookin’ For Trouble (Honky Tonk Angels Book 6) – Ciana Stone

Just when you thought things were starting to simmer down in Cotton Creek, something new crops up. And this time the attention is on the Sweet gals. Hannah may have found her dream guy in Cooper Quinlan, and she’s damned determine to plan the perfect wedding — no matter who she drives crazy. Everything would be perfect if she could just ignore the little bursts of excitement she gets every time she sees Bryson Weathers. Cody isn’t being much help. She doesn’t give a hoot ...    Read More >

Southern Comfort – Ciana Stone

“A page turner! I couldn’t put it down. Ciana has a way of weaving a tale that leaves you spellbound. Sweet, Funny, and a Splash of Danger! Definitely a story you can get lost in.” – Candid Book Reviews A man hiding from his past and a woman running from hers. Two people from different worlds who know one another only from what they have shared with one another in Facebook messages. They’ve never heard the other’s voice, or seen a photo. Analise Becke writes ...    Read More >

Love on the Rocks: Summer in Whitehorse Bay – Emily Anne Brandon

What happens when a Hollywood star unexpectedly rocks up in a sleepy seaside village in Scotland? Fiery redhead Lexy was left shocked and guilt-ridden by the tragic death of her parents seven years ago. Seven years later she is still struggling to move on, and her only steady relationship is with her one true love – Brian, the border collie. Clay Gable is weary of the demands of fame and has fled from the Hollywood hills to the tiny Scottish village of Whitehorse Bay – ...    Read More >

Legacy: A three book set – Ciana Stone

The Legacy family. Strong, virile men who inspire desire in most every woman they meet, but who have yet to succeed at finding women to match their level of passion. But then, the Legacy men aren’t quite human and they can’t reveal their animal nature. At present the world still fears people like them. How do you tell a woman you’re a Shifter? That’s makes things difficult. But maybe their luck is about to change. Maybe they will finally be able to claim a mate. ...    Read More >

In What Remains – K. B. Rose

When Rachel and her family make a routine stop and become the targets of a violent assault, their summer road trip descends into a nightmare. Only the intervention of a stranger saves her life, and as they flee the crime scene, she wavers between fear and self-preservation. Can she trust him? Can she afford not to? Short-tempered and wholly impatient with her, Eric was somehow connected to it all, but he’s her key to surviving in a bleak new world. The first step in doing ...    Read More >

Bella Italia – Camille Taylor

Small-town wallflower, Adelaide Montgomery has lived an uneventful life—until she witnesses the murder of her best friend… Adelaide clings to the simple security of a home and a wish for family—desires that sent her former fiancĂ© into another woman’s arms. Happy to remain in Heavenly, Australia for the rest of her life, she reluctantly gives in to her best friend, Rachel’s pleading to join her on a trip to Italy. A decision which will alter her life forever. Gorgeous men can be deadly killers in ...    Read More >

Finding Me – Stephanie Rose

I’ve always been lost . . . Abandoned by a father who didn’t want me. Cherished by a stepfather, though I wasn’t his. Shattered by a boy who swore he loved me. But I belonged nowhere, to no one. Then I met Owen, the sweet-talking hockey player who made me love him. He gave me the courage to trust in someone besides myself. He showed me a love I longed for. When an unwanted ghost comes knocking on my door, my heartbreaking history threatens to ...    Read More >