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Scarred Santa – Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

His Persian Gulf service as a Marine left Rafe Sullivan wounded and scarred. His return to civilian life has proved difficult at best. He’s quit more jobs than most people ever hold in a lifetime and he’s become a near recluse. Although he interacts with his widowed mother and his brother’s family, Rafe lives lonely. A chance glance at a beautiful woman at a church dinner leads to another encounter. Sheena Dunmore comforts him during a PTSD moment and because of her, he accepts a ...    Read More >

The Story of Odette: The Swanmaiden’s Unveiling – Anya Howard

Odette, daughter of a Saxon cheiftain and his swanmaiden bride, was orphaned at an early age and then banished by her vengeful half-sister, Vanda. Years later, Odette is found by her sympathetic brother-in-law, and escorted into the safe haven of Athla. In this fabled realm the law decrees that Odette must learn the sacred rites of the Great Balance, or the sensual equilibrium between men and women. While Odette is initiated into Athla’s disciplines of passion and surrender, powerful forces work beyond the borders. The ...    Read More >

Tsunami, A Love Story – H. Berkeley Rourke

To fall in love… Whit Moreland, a lonely man from Scottsdale, Arizona meets the love of his life. Kathleen Jamieson is equally attracted to Whit, and after a whirlwind affair, they are married. Their love affair shines, grows and expands, to make Kathleen’s daughter see Whit for the loving man he is. But one night, burglars steal into their home while they are falling asleep. A gunfight erupts in their living room, leaving two young men dead, and a girl wounded. To discover fear… The ...    Read More >

Lawful Disobedience – JL Redington

Sawyer Kingsley is a Detective with the Blakely, Iowa police department. He’s used to seeing the unseemly side of his town, but one day, that ugly side hits far too close to home. With three homicides to investigate, the exit of his fiancée and a new partner to break in, his life is turned upside down. Staying ahead of this killer will put all of Sawyer’s training and instinct to the test. Together, with the help of Sawyer’s cousin, Grant Mulvane, they will work to ...    Read More >

Accounting for Love – Erin Wright

The bank’s threatening to foreclose on Stetson’s farm…and the auditor on the case is damn hot. Jennifer doesn’t mind a tough job, but handsome Stetson is trouble. And then came the night she had to spend on the farm. Can she find a way for him to save his farm? And if she can’t, will he forgive her?    Read More >

Virgin Fiancée – Nikki Chase

So we’re engaged. Sort of. He just needs his family to think it’s real. No problem. I’ll play along. How hard can it be? But pretending isn’t supposed to feel this good, And now I can’t help wanting him for real. My old roommate used to help me pay the rent. Now the only roommate I have is my orange tabby, and despite everything I’ve done for him, that jerk has never paid me a cent. So when my landlord knocks on my door, I ...    Read More >

Hidden Between The Lines – Sally A. Laughlin

Alluring, romantic mystery from Sally A. Laughlin, author of Fly Toward Death. In early 1800’s England, the lives of two young women are changed forever in an unexpected twist of deceit and betrayal. Lady Rachel Ramsford is promised in marriage to a disgusting, rich old man, Lord Symington. She escapes by eloping to the United States with a handsome, young British officer she has fallen in love with, but on the voyage a series of events takes place that will drastically affect her future. Meanwhile, ...    Read More >