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Resolve – Edward Antrobus

What would you do if you discovered an ancient starship buried in the foot of the Colorado Rockies? For Jim Bromley, the day started out like any other. Trying to scrounge up work and keep his crew from fighting each other seemed like all there was to life. But when they dig up a thousand-year-old starship, his life turns upside down. But interplanetary space ships don’t come with instruction manuals. Even if they survive their first flight, it will bring the attention of enemies both ...    Read More >

Earthbound – Mari Collier

Marooned in the 19th century Old West, an alien must survive on the violent planet and return to his homeworld to destroy his mortal enemies and avenge his people. During a raid to a Comanche camp he rescues Anna, a tall warrior woman. The two become friends and comrades, their fates forever intertwined. They find themselves together in the prairies of 19th century Texas, the bordellos of Civil War-era New Orleans, to Prohibition in the 1920s, the Great Depression, and the vastness of space. But ...    Read More >

Children of Fire – Daniel Ferguson

On October 8, 2017, Rifts opened over every major city and flooded them with mysterious energy. Those lucky enough to gain super powers went on to battle those who died and mutated into flesh-eating zombies. Four years later, the world is a more savage place. Jarred Seifner, a sarcastic mercenary with lightning powers and an assault rifle, leads Tesla Squad, a team of super-powered mercs. When he saves Rachel, a girl with a gift for sorcery – a power that killed her mother – she ...    Read More >

The Moreva of Astoreth – Roxanne Bland

Roxanne Bland performs a stunning feat of world-building in her novel The Moreva of Astoreth, joining the august ranks of Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey, Ursula K. LeGuin and other beloved creators of unique worlds and richly imagined civilizations. In this ingenious blending of science fiction, romance, and adventure, Bland brings a remarkable world and culture to life in breathtaking detail, imagining an imperialistic society in which gods and science are indelibly intertwined. It is the story of the Moreva Tehi, the headstrong granddaughter of a ...    Read More >

The Empty Hands – Jean Kilczer

In the year 2054, the ruling fundamentalist Christian Church does not encourage its great artists; it mindwipes them. August, talented son of an alcoholic father, wants desperately to gain love and recognition through his art, but his paintings of Michelangelo-style nudes are strictly forbidden by the repressive church. When Minister Simon Di Luca threatens to have him mindwiped, he tries to stop painting, but finds that art is his life and soul. Balancing between his contempt for the church, love for painting and relationship with ...    Read More >

Indigo 99: An Innocent World Falls Under Siege (Collusion Book 1) – Pat Kelley

Indigo 99, a science fiction novel, is packed with advanced engineering of futuristic systems, intense action sequences, and vivid descriptions revolving around the beautiful world of Indigo 99. The story unfolds after a mysterious vessel crashes, wreaking havoc on many of the settlers of the strategic, and highly habitable moon known as Indigo 99. The story’s resourceful heroine, Sergeant Danika Fargo, is deployed to investigate. Before she can construct much information, unusual beings and powerful devices force the evacuation of the ailing world. Fargo’s attempt ...    Read More >

Unblemished – Sara Ella

β€œSara Ella’s debut novel is a stunning journey into a fascinating new world of reflections. Intricately plotted, the story is complex, but not difficult to follow. Eliyana is a strong heroine, yet also has a vulnerable side that readers will definitely identify with. The other characters are also well-developed and have many hidden secrets revealed throughout the course of the tale. Good vs. evil is the overarching theme, and it’s easy to draw parallels with faith. The book is set up for further installments, and ...    Read More >

Den of Dark Angels – Kenna McKinnon

Spellbinding collection of paranormal fantasy short stories from Kenna McKinnon, author of Blood Sister. Demons roar from the mouths of lions and the devil lives on an alien planet in this collection of three adult fantasy/paranormal novellas set on Earth, Hell, and Heaven, and in the nether somewhere in between. Passion for Poe is the first novella, which spins from Calgary to Denmark in a crescendo of dysfunction. Demons slop from the trunk of a car bought by Astria Brin with her boyfriend, Patrick Ferguson. ...    Read More >