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Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In – Bernie Sanders

When Bernie Sanders began his race for the presidency, it was considered by the political establishment and the media to be a “fringe” campaign, something not to be taken seriously. After all, he was just an independent senator from a small state with little name recognition. His campaign had no money, no political organization, and it was taking on the entire Democratic Party establishment. By the time Sanders’s campaign came to a close, however, it was clear that the pundits had gotten it wrong. Bernie ...    Read More >

Dirty Money: U.S. Presidential Elections 2016 – Ramesh S Arunachalam

“Over a fourteen-year period from 1999 to 2013, one hedge fund carried out out an investment strategy utilizing hundreds of millions of trades, virtually all of which lasted less than 12 months, and characterized the vast majority of the resulting $34 billion in trading profits as long-term capital gains … resulting in estimated tax avoidance of more than $6 billion.”– Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, United States Senate, 2014 This publicly recorded statement exposes the shocking truth about how Wall Street, and the billionaire class, have ...    Read More >

Play Anything – Ian Bogost

How filling life with play—whether soccer or lawn mowing, counting sheep or tossing Angry Birds—forges a new path for creativity and joy in our impatient age.  Life is no game. It’s demanding, boring, and rarely fun. But what if we’ve got games wrong? Playing anything—whether an instrument, a sport, or a video game—takes hard work and makes absurd demands. Where’s the fun in that? In Play Anything, acclaimed philosopher and award-winning game designer Ian Bogost reveals that play isn’t a mindless escape from boring reality. ...    Read More >

The Wall (Drumpf Nation – Part One) – Michael Ryan

In a not too distant future, an Executive Order will facilitate the erection of a forty-foot concrete wall between the United States and Mexico. To build said wall, “tiny hands” will use Worker Re-Education Centers, or WRECs, filled with illegal immigrants detained by the local authorities. The centers are advertised as an opportunity for thousands to learn English and earn their American Citizenship while contributing to the protection and safety of America. In fact, many immigrants choose to work on Drumpf Wall in an attempt ...    Read More >

The Year of Voting Dangerously – Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd’s incendiary takes and takedowns from 2016–the most bizarre, disruptive and divisive Presidential race in modern history. Trapped between two candidates with the highest recorded unfavorables, Americans are plunged into The Year of Voting Dangerously. In this perilous and shocking campaign season, The New York Times columnist traces the psychologies and pathologies in one of the nastiest and most significant battles of the sexes ever. Dowd has covered Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton since the ’90s. She was with the real estate mogul when he ...    Read More >

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate – Naomi Klein

The most important book yet from the author of the international bestseller The Shock Doctrine, a brilliant explanation of why the climate crisis challenges us to abandon the core “free market” ideology of our time, restructure the global economy, and remake our political systems. In short, either we embrace radical change ourselves or radical changes will be visited upon our physical world. The status quo is no longer an option. In This Changes Everything Naomi Klein argues that climate change isn’t just another issue to ...    Read More >

London Irish Dublin English – Daniel M Doyle

Dublin is a wonderful place to live and work. Experience this through the eyes of Donal, a wannabe Irish man. He loved the place so much that he moved here, from London, in the middle of the recession hit 1980’s. Working for an IT multinational company, he’s trying to sell computers to Dubliners. That’s not easy. If he doesn’t close a big deal with his customer, the bank, by the end of the year he’ll be on the boat back home. You are transposed to ...    Read More >

The Cyber Effect – Mary Aiken

A groundbreaking exploration of how cyberspace is changing the way we think, feel, and behave.  Mary Aiken is the world’s leading expert in forensic cyberpsychology—a discipline that combines psychology, criminology, and technology to investigate the intersection where technology and human behavior meet. In this, her first book, Aiken has created a starting point for all future conversations about how the Internet is shaping development and behavior, societal norms and values, children, safety, security, and our perception of the world. Cyberspace is an environment full of ...    Read More >