Merry Christmas!

The Highlander’s Yuletide Love – Alicia Quigley

The Highlander’s Yuletide Love by Alicia Quigley is a historic Romance set in the Regency period. It is the sweet and sexy sequel to The Yuletide Countess, a 4.5 star rated, Amazon Category #1 bestseller. This charming sequel is set at Christmas time… and is the perfect holiday read. …Sparks fly when the two meet. Can love fill Ranulf’s life with joy again? Will Sophy still be able to follow her dreams if she follows her heart? Only time will tell in The Highlander’s Yuletide Love. ...


Miss Dashwood’s Dilemma – Arabella Sheraton

In this delightful authentic Regency romance, Miss Diana Dashwood accepts an invitation to Lady Prescott’s Christmas party at Camden House, in the countryside. But things do not go quite as she imagined. Through an unexpected event, she is forced to spend the night in a woodsman’s hut with one of the guests. What a scandal! Of course, Sir Gareth Blakely must propose, and he does. Unfortunately, Miss Diana Dashwood has already been engaged to and broken off her engagement from Sir Gareth Blakely after a ...


This Year It Will Be Different – Maeve Binchy


Escaping Christmas – Alice B. Ryder

Having suffered a devastating loss on Christmas Eve almost a year ago, all Sophie Baxter is looking for is a little bit of peace and quiet while she gets her beloved grandmother’s cottage ready to be sold. Escaping the rat-race of London for Peakton seems like the perfect way to avoid the Christmas celebrations for Sophie, especially when the tiny Derbyshire village holds so many fond childhood memories for her. The last thing she expects is to be faced with her teenage crush, Andy Martin, ...


His Christmas Cowgirl – Alissa Callen

Headstrong cowgirl Peta Dixon has put her life on hold this Christmas to prove she can run her ranch as well as any man. There isn’t anything she can’t ride, fix, or stare down, and the only things to scare her are long hemlines and sky-high heels. Self-made rancher Garrett Ross normally doesn’t take orders – he gives them. But when the man who is like a father to him asks him to act as a temporary foreman on a Montana ranch, he can’t refuse. ...


Sarah Jane (Countdown to Christmas Book 1) – Kirsten Osbourne

Sarah Jane Jefferson never felt like she was important to anyone. Just one of the fifteen orphaned girls Edna Petunia Sanders adopted, she spent her days working in an orphanage. She had no real talent other than cooking, but she knew how to love. Needing someone to play Santa Claus for the orphans’ Christmas party, she approached the handsome young pastor, Micah Barton, the new man in town. Micah Barton had his eye on one of the orphans the Sanders had adopted, and when she ...


The Christmas Angels! – Lilian Nickson

The Christmas angels unwrap to an expectant world “the Christmas;” they reveal its glittering mystery and we, the children of God, stand around the manger, our eyes wide in awe and wonder as God our Father holds out to us the gift of life, the gift of love. This book contains a fiction short story of the love of Christmas, the Christmas reflection and a few Christmas songs. The reflections are based on the angel’s message as written in The Holy Bible. This Christmas, join ...


Noelle’s Golden Christmas – Tamie Dearen

Noelle hates everything about Christmas, including her own name! Christmas has only brought heartache for Noelle, year after year. Since her tragic breakup two years ago, Noelle fears God may want her to remain single forever. Until she finds the love of her life… a Golden Retriever named Abby.


The Christmas Candle – Max Lucado


No Simple Miracle – Meggan Haller

Will Santa come through for a new generation of Strumpfs? Christmas has come again, but this year, Papa isn’t around to help Hanna Strumpf write her letter to Santa Claus. He’s gone to war in place called Korea, and it’s up to Hanna to tell Santa the one thing the family truly wants. Can Santa grant her wish if she never gets a chance to ask him? By the 1950s, the good times had come to many families, but for the children of soldiers, like ...


Christmas Eve Kisses Collection – Lyn Cote, Margaret Daley, Lacy Williams, Brenda Minton

Four new holiday novellas by award-winning inspirational authors The Knight and the Damsel by USA Today bestselling author Margaret Daley Retired champion bull-rider, Michael Knight, leaves his ranch when his younger brother calls for help. Someone is sabotaging and poisoning rodeo animals. Determined to stop them, Michael takes a job in the center of the action as a bullfighter. Bella Rosenthal is one of the few female bull-riders competing with the men. Someone is harassing her, and Michael decides to solve that case as well, ...


Falling Like Snowflakes – Denise Hunter


The Christmas Pearl – Dorothea Benton Frank


Mr. Miracle – Debbie Macomber


The More The Merrier, Seasons of Love Series Book 1 – Liwen Y. Ho

Fed up with a string of bad blind dates, health blogger Alyssa Wu just wants to drown her sorrows in ice cream. But there’s one more evening she must endure – a fake date with her best friend Barry Chang. They must convince her family they are in love, an act which may (or may not) be easy to pull off, thanks to the magic of some mistletoe. This 10,000 word short story is perfect for your lunch break, workout or while you wait in ...


Secret Angel – Cherry Christensen

Doctoral student Hannah Wagganer entertains dreams of teaching at a large university and leaving her hometown of Glen Arbor behind. That is until Jasper Morgan, the new mail carrier, arrives in town. Not only does he set Hannah’s heart a flutter, but he has an instant bond with her cat, Jingles. Preparing for the church candlelight Christmas Eve service and running the family store, Hannah continues to bump into Jasper—and the prying eyes of the locals who suspect there’s more going on than business as ...


The Heavenly Bites Novella Collection – Christine S. Feldman

Just in time for the holidays! At the Heavenly Bites Bakery, three very different women bake up delectable treats and find romance with some unexpected but equally delectable men. Find out how in these three short and sweet holiday novellas:


That Thing Called Love – Abi Kay

Edward and Isabel are great work colleagues but have no romantic interest in each other whatsoever. He is the charming, handsome enigmatic lawyer, she is the quiet hardworking clerk. But a fire at Isabel's apartment leads to them spending Christmas together.


Hogfather – Terry Pratchett

What could more genuinely embody the spirit of Christmas (or Hogswatch, on the Discworld) than a Terry Pratchett book about the holiday season? Every secular Christmas tradition is included. But as this is the 21st Discworld novel, there are some unusual twists.


Hercule Poirot’s Christmas – Agatha Christie

"How dreadful that the holidays should begin with a wailing scream and a deathly gurgle! Never has Poirot's mighty brain functioned more brilliantly than in Hercule Poirot's Christmas."—The New York Times