Happy Halloween

On the 13th day of Halloween, my true love gave to me...
13 ghosts a-boo-ing, 12 vampires vamping, 11 spiders spinning, 10 witches spelling,
9 Hillary Clintons, 8 Donald Trumps, 7 Samsung 7s,
6 stabby killers, 5 severed heads, 4 rabid dogs, 3 black cats, 2 vampire bats, and a graveyard full of zombies!

Tin Man and Rabbit – Gideon Stevens

We are pleased to have the author of the romantic comedy Tin Man and Rabbit with us today. Please welcome Gideon Stevens. Hello. Hi. Tell us about your book. What inspired this story? I’m not sure how to answer that. I think this book might owe more to tenacity than inspiration. How so? Well I waited to be inspired for a long time, but it never really happened. Maybe just a fleeting glimpse, but nothing that didn’t fade away. So I decided if I was ...    Read More >