Hauntings at Black Shadow Ridge – Rick Suttle

The McCauliffe siblings, Dylan, Mike and Sarah, are at it again, caught amid another paranormal frenzy. But this time their challenge is Black Shadow Ridge, one of the most haunted locations in Cincinnati, Ohio. After receiving a mysterious email, Dylan, the equipment expert of the group, and his brother Mike, the researcher, visit a woman who lives near the Gottlieb Place, a haunted venue known for ghosts and an old witch who peers through one of the windows.

On the way to the house, they get spooked by orbs of light and a headless bride. And later, they discover that the land is haunted by hundreds of spirits who roam the field and woods near the house of the woman who hired them. On the day of the investigation, the woman disappears and the teens are left to defend for themselves. They soon discover a mystery surrounding the hauntings which thrusts them into a world of dangerous spirits. And the only way to end the hauntings is to get rid of the witch.


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