Nora’s Escape – Faith Parsons

A woman wronged…

Widowed and kicked out of her home by her cold-hearted mother-in-law on the day of her late husband’s funeral, Nora Alders is horrified when her husband’s brother offers to give her a home—if she’s willing to become his mistress.

Nora chooses instead to pawn her jewelry and move into a New York tenement. With her funds dwindling, she sees no other option: she must look to the western frontier for a husband.

A man of his word…

Ben Robertson has everything a successful rancher could want—except for a family. When he connects with Nora through a mail-order bride catalog, it seems he’s about to have it all. She’s exactly his type: smart, independent and resourceful.

A surprising discovery…

But when Nora’s mother-in-law learns that Nora might be carrying her grandson, she comes after Nora with a vengeance. How far will the wealthy Alders matriarch go to recover the family’s potential heir?

And will the struggle for the child shatter Nora’s fragile new relationship with Ben?