Premium Services

Premium services are available to qualifying books. Our editorial staff will vet your submission. If your book is accepted, you will be asked to pay a one-time shelving fee.

The current shelving fee is: One US Dollar ($1).


  • Your book gets a full page on our main site.
  • Your book page can include video and links to Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo.
  • You’ll be featured on the front page for at least one day.
  • Your cover and description will be included in our newsletter.
  • Posts will be sent to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
  • Your book will appear in our slider at the bottom of every page for seven days.
  • If you have more than one book on our main site, they’ll be cross-referenced at the bottom of each book’s page.
  • You can post an author profile with links to social media and your website.
  • You can use our automatic interface to announce a sale on the Special Offers page. (Also adds a sticker on your book’s page.)
  • You’re eligible for our Native Advertising Program, a 21-day tour around our site. (Additional charge.)


  • We have limited space, so there is a waiting list.
  • We must schedule your book, and no, we can’t make that date.
  • Competition is tough; the possibility of rejection exists.

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