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1-Week Advertising Campaign

To increase awareness of a product an ad campaign needs to reach effective frequency during the purchase cycle. For avid readers like ours, the purchase cycle is a week or two, but what’s effective frequency? There’s some debate, but the consensus is a minimum of seven exposures.

We’ve been tracking the path readers take¬†on our site, and tested various ad placements. From these tests, we found the most effective spots to show your book to our audience. 7 positions, a different one each day. Your ad moves around our pages to prevent ad blindness and give your book the widest possible exposure. But your ad doesn’t just move – it also changes, to take advantage of the page. For examples, click the links below:

1. Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook; Front, top
2. Posts, right (Example)
3. Special Offers, right (video option)
4. Posts, footer (Example)
5. Categories, right (Example: Romance)
6. Trending, right (video option)
7. Front Page, left
Bonus: My List, left

Other Benefits:

  • Your book will be added to our AI System (Tooby the Book-Bot), for display in “You May Also Like,” “Keyword,” and various other features.
  • Multiple impressions to a high-quality audience.
  • Your cover and description will be included in our newsletter.
  • Your book page can include YouTube video and links to Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo.
  • You’re eligible for the Trending displays.
  • We will keep your book as part of our permanent collection. We may remove non-performing titles after one year.

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