Seated Above, Looking Below – Bobby Brown

Seated Above, Looking Below

Today’s pace is frantic. Tablets, cell phones and technology have not made life any easier, they have simply raised the bar.  Some people resort to Yoga or mediation to relax, others watch TV – I write poetry. Good old fashioned poetry on a pad of paper.

I invite you to relax with this book.  The poems are inspiring, contemplative and comforting.  The book starts with poems that walk chronologically through the year and end in spiritual truths. These poems will lift your spirit and bring a smile to your face.


“I first heard Bobby Brown’s wonderful poetry at an Open Mic poetry reading. One evening while I was listening to him share his writings, he said some words that touched my heart and I realized that God used Bob to change my life forever. Bob’s words took me on a spiritual journey that led me to learn about my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus! Since that time we have become good friends and his poetry continues to bless my life and I’m sure it will edify everyone else who reads it.” – Rosemary M.

“I’ve read through Bob’s book a couple times now, and I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed it. It’s so full of imagery and nostalgia, and really helps a person fondly remember past personal experiences. Bob really has a gift of clearly expressing doctrine through poetry in a clear and straightforward way, making it easy to understand and commit it to heart.” – Sharon