Ugly Things We Hide – M. Ocampo McIvor

A Hawaiian surfer from a poor family, Daniel seems just within reach of a better life. But he is locked in a pattern of self-sabotage — why?

Restless with his life in Oahu, he moves to the mainland, only to find himself tangled in the ugly secrets of New York’s ultra rich. Soon he finds himself committing shameful acts that start to feel normal. But Daniel holds the darkest secret, and he doesn’t even know it.

Peek into the world of Hawaiian culture, of immigrant struggles, and the socioeconomic and political underpinnings of America’s systems and ideologies. Examine the technologies that both improve our lives as well as create a more disconnected and lonelier society, leading to dystopian attitudes. Ugly Things We Hide is a passionate love story and psychological thriller with characters you will not soon forget.

If you love the writing styles of Isabel Allende, Khaled Hosseini, and Celeste Ng, and appreciate the sensual work of Garth Greenwell (What Belongs to You), then you may also enjoy Ugly Things We Hide.