Beyond the Forest – Kay L Ling

“A bright fantasy for readers who are tired of exaggerated violence and slippery morals.” — Kirkus Reviews
Lana can draw arcane powers from gemstones. When she started reading the folklore, it sounded farfetched. She should have closed the books right then and walked away. Special abilities are nothing but trouble. Someone always wants you to do something impossible. Or dangerous. Usually both. Like going through a portal to save an oppressed race in another world. In this case, gnomes, whose ruler happens to be a gem master, with gem powers that dwarf the ones in the folklore books. Never mind about the gem master’s goblin-like servants, or the flying serpents, or the mutant insects. When you’re in this deep, because you just couldn’t say no, what’s a few more unthinkable horrors?

Readers will enjoy this unique blend of urban and epic fantasy. Lana’s story begins in our present-day world as she prepares to take over the family jewelry store, but most of her adventures take place in the dangerous and fascinating gnome world.