Broken Wedding Vows – Frank Arcilesi

Romance is blossoming in a small conservative Maryland town in the 1950s. Unfortunately it’s between a clean cut high school student and a young, married, very religious girl who wears a mysterious gold chain around her neck. Both try to break free of this unlikely and forbidden attraction to each other.

Jimmy immerses himself in his history books and Carol goes to church to seek guidance and even distracts herself by volunteering to do work for a neighbor she doesn’t even like, but none of those strategies seems to work too well to quell this attraction. Trouble is definitely brewing for both.

Something’s got to be done before the town folk, friends, family and her husband figure out what’s going on.

The novel, also available on paperback, contains both tender and humorous moments.


I slowly put my arms around her and reached the back strap, fumbling with it, but finally unfastening it. The bra fabric, which had been taught against her skin, relaxed.

“You’re almost there,” she whispered. “Pull the straps down, Jimmy.”

“Is this what you want, Carol?”

“It’s what has to be. We both have to resolve something, Jimmy,” she said.

It was the final step I would take to cross that line away from Lakewood and into that other reality whose boundaries I had been toying with for so long. All the issues about right, wrong, and righteousness were for parents, schoolteachers, and others to debate.

I had put them aside as obstacles I did not wish to deal with, but if I had struggled with them, the result would not have changed what I was about to do. For in this place I could forget who she was. She was just Carol with the green eyes which were glowing from the flickering light of the fire reflecting in them.

I stared into those soft glowing green eyes as I reached up and gently grasped her straps, never looking at what I was doing, just staring into those beautiful eyes.

Slowly I slid the straps off her soft shoulders and down her arms, then released them letting the garment drop to the floor. Still I looked into those eyes, not wanting to leave them. It was her alone I wanted, not the resolution to the mystery. Nothing else mattered………