After an Agent of Death ‘grim reaper’, claim the soul of a man abandoned by his Guardian Angel ‘seraph’, he decides to assume the responsibilities of the missing seraph, and escort the disembodied soul to the Gates Of Paradise. Once there, he is reluctantly assigned as a temporary Guardian to the soul of a newborn scheduled for birth.

But the guardians of the hospital nursery are skeptical of the Grim Reaper, and they are not convinced of his statue as a temporary Guardian. In his struggle to convince the other guardians ‘seraphim’ of his temporary status as a Guardian, he has the additional burden of protecting the newborn from an evil Fallen Angel, and his Merciless Accomplice Death.

Meanwhile, the young mother that has given birth to the newborn, has also been targeted by the evil fallen Seraph and his merciless Grim Reaper accomplice. But her powerful devoted Guardian, along with the other seraphim concerned by the malicious intentions of the fallen seraph; unite their combined forces, against the Two-Team-Terminators of Death and Destruction.

But in the Realm of Spirits, as in the world of mortals, there are always Laws that must be upheld. “As Above, So Below.”