Divine Deception – Jason Lawless

A combination of the best bits of a Dan Brown plot with the fast-paced adventure of James Bond and a dash of Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure. – Goodreads Reviewer.

Divine Deception tells the story of Jack Walker, an Australian ex-pat in London, who finds himself unwittingly thrown into a perilous world of codes and confusion, in which is every move is watched, and his every second on earth is numbered … unless he can find some way of surviving those who hunt him. Having accidentally picked up a stray briefcase in a bar, Jack finds himself tailed by the Assassins: a collection of ruthless killers—men who torture without question and murder in the name of a secret that must not be allowed to be revealed. Discovering that the suitcase holds an ancient, priceless scroll bearing a life-changing message in archaic language, Jack and his resourceful French girlfriend, Michelle, are suddenly faced with the biggest challenge of their lives: they must decipher the meaning of the scroll and use as leverage against their hunters or die alongside the innumerable casualties of the Assassins.
As all of those who assist them meet their painful fate, Jack and Michelle embark on a race against time and around Europe. Unable to seek help from the authorities, the duo must keep their wits about them, as a single false move means certain death. Can this ordinary couple defeat a band of cold-blooded fanatics and expose the world’s oldest and most shocking secret? Or will the mysteries of the past snuff their lives out, too?