DREAMS ARE YOUR STRENGTH: Step by Step Guide for Motivation, Success and Happiness – Alex Balax

The realization of desired dreams requires a combination of qualities that should be developed and gaining such qualities may not be an easy task. As much as everyone is born with that intrinsic ability to live a joyous, happy and successful life, realizing your full potential where you get to achieve all your desired dreams takes a lot of work and commitment. The good thing is that all the skills can be developed and learned as long as you have the willingness and an open mind that allows for growth and success. 
Human beings are born with inherent capabilities and resources that they can tap into for great success however it takes some level of discipline, self confidence and awareness of these inherent qualities to be able to tap into them. If you intend to realize your dreams then you have to be ready to develop qualities like tenacity which expresses the ability to endure, resist and exert all the effort that you have towards the achievement of your goals. You also need to develop mental toughness which expresses having resilience and great firmness.