DSLR For Beginners – Holly Ashby

Let me guess: You recently got a new DSLR camera, and in all your excitement, you tossed the manual somewhere and then went out to take pictures. Of course, similar to a “point-and-shoot” camera, anybody can take a fairly decent image using the Auto setting, because the camera does all of the work for you! However, with Auto mode, you’ll soon find yourself frustrated at the lackluster quality the photographs have. Auto mode simply doesn’t give you enough control over your image.

Believe it or not, photography is actually a hard skill to learn. The biggest obstacle is that people often feel daunted by all of the seemingly complex functions, buttons, and dials available to them on a DSLR camera. And this is where I come in to help! I’ve written this short book as an easy-to-understand guide on how to use the manual functions on your camera. Regardless of the brand of your camera, the goal of this eBook is to take the fear out of all the unknown buttons and features. As you’ll come to find out, once you’ve gotten control over your camera, you’ll begin to have more control over your photographs. Your frustration with your camera will subside, and even if you consider yourself an amateur or a beginner, your images will take on a much more professional, technical quality. So if you’re ready to impress yourself (and get your money’s worth from your expensive camera) by becoming a savvy DSLR photographer, then let’s get started!