Dyspraxia: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Dyspraxia in Children and How to Help a Dyspraxic Child – Cassandra Simmons

Is your child unusually clumsy? Does he have difficulty holding his spoon or fork properly when eating? Does his room look like a tornado just swept through? Is he having trouble with the basics of movement and coordination? Dyspraxia is a medical condition that affects many, often times without the parents even being aware of what the condition is. Nevertheless, if your child is diagnosed early enough and gets some extra help from you along the way, there is a good chance that he can manage the dyspraxia and live a perfectly normal and happy life. As a parent, you’re going to need all the information you can get to better understand your child’s condition so that you can learn how to help. Furthermore, having a full understanding of dyspraxia will also make it easier for siblings and other family members to adjust and accommodate your child’s needs. This book is going to provide you with lots of important information about dyspraxia, its causes, symptoms, and effects. And most importantly, you’ll gain plenty of information on how you can help support your child in the process of managing his dyspraxia while living a quality life.