Early Onset Dementia (EOD): Caring For a Loved One with Early Onset Dementia (Detection, Symptoms, Treatment, and Caregiving) – Edward Guttman

Nowadays, early onset dementia (EOD) is increasing in younger generations. However, most people aren’t even aware of this debilitating disease. They assume that their intermittent memory loss or progressive reduction of mental ability is due to some insignificant and temporary condition. Early detection of onset dementia is crucial for its correct diagnosis and prompt treatment. Creating awareness of its existence is vital to forewarn the young about the possibility of its occurrence in their youthful, exuberant lives. If you or someone you love is under 65 years old and experiencing memory loss every now and then, or noticing a decreasing ability to remember things, then you may be dealing with early onset dementia. You’ll have to continue reading to determine whether this is true. Being aware of the methods of detection, symptoms, treatment, and care giving for early onset dementia patients will help tremendously in reducing the speed of its progression.