Feeling Worthless and Unworthy: How to Combat Feelings of Worthlessness and Unworthiness to Live with Purpose and Find Happiness – Casey Larsen

Feelings of worthlessness or unworthiness can sometimes appear seemingly out of nowhere. Your life may be sailing along just fine, until a chance encounter triggers something, causing you to feel inadequate, propelling you into a heightened state of self-awareness and a markedly compromised perception of yourself. It could be that your self-worth was dented by a sudden breakup, or the realization that you’ve hardly achieved any of the goals you’ve set for yourself. Whatever the triggering event may be, feeling as if you don’t quite measure up is almost invariably characterized by some sort of introspection and a strong desire to question the very purpose of your own existence.

This book is designed to help you actively combat these negative and destructive emotions. Take refuge in the fact that it’s perfectly natural to go through some of the lows presented by life. What is fortunate is the fact that you can actually do something about how you’re feeling and take steps towards restoring your self-esteem. This book will not only help you overcome current feelings of a depleted self-worth, but it will also equip you with an invaluable set of life-skills that you can deploy in the future if ever these feelings take a hold of you again.