Nearshore Adventures – Tssully

Tssully is Todd and Sheryl Sullivan. Freelance writers and avid fishermen in the Huron – Erie corridor of the Great Lakes. They are lifetime members of St. Clair – Detroit River Sturgeon for Tomorrow, and share their passion for this species with other fishermen. They make some of their own fishing tackle which can be found in their on-line store. Nearshore Adventures is their story about their fishing adventures that is ultimately leading them to the creation of a charter boat business catering to other couples. In their relationship Todd is the athlete and Sheryl is the outdoorsman. Todd’s favorite saying: “Sheryl catches the fish, fillets the fish and cooks the fish, I just drive the boat and eat the fish.” Not too far from the truth and not a bad gig if you can get it. They live in Dearborn Heights, Michigan with their pets.