One Nation, Asunder – Adam Lujan

America has become divided. Once a united front, it has now plunged head first into tribalism. One one side, conservatives, and on the other, liberals.

James can’t stand his roommate Craig. He is preachy, whiny, and is always talking about politics. Not to mention he is always reporting him the housing department for not being “liberal enough”. To forget about his troubles at home, James has been time with Delilah. But things get complicated when James realizes that Delilah has a different viewpoint than what he is used to. She lives on the conservative side of town, and liberals and conservatives are not supposed to congregate outside of work or school. Now James is finding himself in between a rock and a hard place. Does he give up his views and convictions in order to find true love, even if it means moving to the “other side”?

Adam Lujan presents this tale of what happens when the United States of America succumbs to loyalty over party than country. Set in a dystopian future, find out what happens when America is ripped down the middle.