Parable Poems: The Parables of Jesus Retold as Poems – Nick Weatherhogg

They say familiarity breeds contempt. Amongst the best-known passages of Scripture, those with which we are generally most ‘familiar’ are the wonderful series of stories that Jesus told his disciples. I have long feared that this familiarity often means that, while we may not be contemptuous, we can often miss the thrust of the parables, take them for granted, and forget the application to us. Hence ‘Parable Poems’. I have rewritten every parable in poetic form to try to breathe fresh life into them (not that they are dead, but that our response to them often is!). I have very carefully stuck to the absolute truth of what the Lord said, but have also extended into application for us, and at times tried to add a little humour as well as further challenge.

Amazon Review: ‘author Nick Weatherhogg simplifies these timeless teachings by retelling Christ’s parables through poetry. After reading these illuminating poems, the words of Christ will reside within you. His wisdom will sparkle with clarity as you absorb the true meaning of his words’

Review by bargainbooksy: ‘This book makes the Parables of Jesus fun and easy to understand by retelling them as poems.’