Queen of Tarts (Rachel Cord Confidential Investigations, #4) – R. E. Conary

Thomas Wolfe wrote ‘You Can’t Go Home Again.’ Something Rachel Cord believes and lived by for nearly 21 years. She’d run away from those she loved who wouldn’t or couldn’t accept her as she was. That life was gone. Best forgotten. She has no desire to revisit it. Until Wendy Devlin, the love of her life, the woman she wants most to marry, gives her an ultimatum:

“Rachel, I’ll marry you anywhere. But I’m meeting your family first. That’s my deal.”

Now Rachel must decide if she can face old demons, old prejudices, or lose Wendy. Is it possible to go home again?

“Remember, my love, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

Wendy held me. I felt safe and loved. It’s that killing part that worries me.

“She’s been shot. Someone shot her.”