Read All About It – Nick Weatherhogg

Subtitled: Daft, amusing and downright bizarre newspaper headlines.

Free doughnuts for everyone. Good, now I have your attention … writing the headline for a newspaper, magazine or website is an art. You want something to grab the attention of the reader, and entice them to read it. As a consequence the headlines are frequently funny or silly or some clever play-on-words … or just downright odd. Of course many of these are deliberate, e.g. for the builder who decides to try to carry out his own sex-change operation: ‘Builder chops nuts and bolts’. Others are inadvertent, written without sufficient forethought, e.g. ‘Kids make nutritious snacks’, or ‘Police suspicious after body found in graveyard’. So if it’s clever you’re after, thoughtless, or just bizarre, then this is the book for you. (Available on Amazon and other websites).