Republic’s Chosen – Rori I

The Latin Republic is a utopia to all its citizens. Equality thrives after the common good has driven the country to defeat poverty, bigotry, sickness, misery. The Republic asks for one thing only: that a portion of the population would serve in its army to defeat their dystopian foe the United Slavic Kingdom.

When the summons comes, Liana knows they are illegal. Yet she has no choice but to report to an army campus and take part in a dangerous series of training exercises to regain her former skills.

Her comrades are asking questions she could not answer. Fighting for the upper hand in a dangerous game of deadly politics, Liana mustn’t reveal the secret of her identity to anybody before the right time arrives.

Simulated realities attack her mind, the on-base intrigue threatens her safety, and the need to do what’s right pulls her in every direction. And what happens when they all finally find out she was born in the Kingdom?

Special forces soldiers, adrenaline-inducing battles, true friendships, and a headstrong trauma survivor trying to accept her role in saving the world.