The Drift – David Maxwell

In the quaint little town of Crystal Falls, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains, a storm is brewing….

As the tight-knit community fights to survive a blizzard like no other, more sinister threats, dark and duplicitous, lurk just out of sight.

Embarking upon his first official mission, Ra sees himself as a rescuer, a hero, a man whose selfless efforts will save untold lives and ensure a future where his people will flourish for generations to come.

As he carries out his duties, he’s forced to face the cruel duality of good and evil. Firsthand, he witnesses that actions, no matter how noble the intent, can trigger disastrous outcomes, some irreversible.

Struggling to undo what he’s done, Ra finds in himself a surprising capacity for empathy and discovers an emotion he’s willing to die for – love.

In this electrically charged page-turner, David Maxwell, author of the highly rated Rebirth, takes us into an all-too-possible dystopian world where one group’s solution for survival threatens to destroy the lives of another.

The Drift is a heart-pounding science fiction thriller where evolutionary decline and technological advancement collide with social justice and the innate desire for self-preservation.