The Gunder Blunder – Sheila Horgan

Best selling author Sheila Horgan has created a new world. Please meet Mrs. Gunder and Edna, unlikely friends and crime solvers.

Mrs. Gunder and Edna never shy away from a challenge and sometimes that means bending the rules for the greater good. Unfortunately, the local police don’t see breaking and entering as helpful. But these jaunty jailbirds have more important things to worry about than explaining their motives. Neal has a new woman in his life, and Edna can tell she’s trouble from his shrinking dessert menu at the Dinky Diner. Mrs. Gunder is trying to make good on her late husband’s final request to help their son’s struggling hospital, but her son refuses to take her calls. When trouble literally comes knocking at their door, can a computer class and the wild world of the Web help them surf their way to solutions?

In this third Mrs. Gunder and Edna novel, the brazen matrons prove you’re never too old to model for mug shots, putting The Gunder Blunder at the top of the most wanted list.