The Making of Romantic and Fairy Tale Vintage Illustrations, an Illustrated Book for Adults – Stephen Jorgensen

This Adult coloring book has wonderful vintage illustrated images for you to color. In the past, (late 1800’s and early 1900’s) pen and ink and woodcut illustration reached reached it’s peak in creativity and simple design elegance. This was before photo lithography printing corrupted the art with mass reproduced photographs. So publishers were willing to pay well for popular talented artists that could draw illustrations that would really attract the public with their quality designs and so the art of illustration flowered. I have collected some of the finest examples of these wonderful illustrations for this coloring book presentation. These illustrations are mostly from published Romantic books and also from Illustrated Fairy Tale books. I have touched up the images so they are clear and easier to color. In fact, they are a delight to color.

These designs are for colorists that just want to complete elegant designs. This artist has done other coloring books but he specializes in bigger Hawaiian paintings. All the works included here are by the Hawaiian artist Stephen E Jorgensen. He has over 200 other works of beautiful Hawaiian art available on his Etsy website. Most of his work is large canvas wall hangings, some of which are reduced to coloring pages for his Relaxing Hawaiian Scenes Coloring books. See these artworks at

I have colored-in samples of these vintage illustrations to show what they could look like and have printed the full color pictures on the front and back covers. Of course you are free to chose your own colors. Most of the images are outlines of recognizable objects or figures with the dark areas as complete black, (an artistic technique of creative illustration). So you should be able to just color in the spaces to fit what the object is without just following the picture example. Have fun coloring Vintage Illustrations!