The Royal Rumpus and the March of the Pink Hats – Lu Pierro

The way his fingers dance of the computer keys, spewing tweets into the night has the nation in a froth, The Rumpus, all knowing and tremendous, with a jar of fireflies for a brain seems unstoppable: that is until two women armed with knitting needles and pink yarn hatch an idea, and begin a movement that takes fire round the world. But is it enough to effect change?

Disgruntled by the current administration and trying to save democracy, knitting needles hummed across the planet.. Adorned with pink hats, their symbol of resistance, they marched not only in DC and NYC, but in small and large towns across the United States, Europe, and even Africa. They were the shout that was heard round the world. This sardonic political picture book provides the necessary comic relief for the pomposity that currently resides in the White House. It serves as a safety valve on the pressure cooker that is currently American politics. Never underestimate the power of women especially armed with weapons of ass destruction.

The Royal Rumpus and the March of the Pink Hats is a punchy satire, and a delightful comedic read

Critic Ernest Jaegar states: “Lu Pierro has handled the absurdity in the White House with a playful satiric voice. Her work will have readers laughing even as they sigh.”

Scott Wilson of the Vine Voice states,” This is a great little book that illustrates
the absurdities of the current political climate – and the juvenile behavior of the current US President, Donald Trump – by covering the 2017 Women’s March on Washington in a children’s story book format. Complimented by the watercolor art of Lynda Farrington Wilson, Lu PIerro’s Seuss-like rhyming text describes the rise to power of the “Royal Rumpus,” and the sea of Pink Hats that descended upon Washington, DC …”