When Destiny Met Chance: Mrs. Gunder and Edna, Book Two – Sheila Horgan

Desi is an exceptional dancer making ends meet as a money counter in Las Vegas, because—as ridiculous as it sounds—she’s too beautiful to hire. They say she draws the eye from the headliner. When her boyfriend runs off with her best friend, Desi decides to take a road trip to escape the glare of Vegas lights and clear her head. Just outside of town in the middle of nowhere her car sputters, leaving her stranded on the side of the road. Her only option is to call an acquaintance living in a nearby tiny town and pray he can help.

Little towns can have big problems and suddenly Desi’s life is a game of craps, and every roll of the dice is coming up snake eyes.

In this second novel featuring Mrs. Gunder and Edna, the crafty crones take on Desi’s case. With the help of Diana, Hank, and a handsome lawyer, can the senior sleuths get Lady Luck back on Desi’s side? Place your bets, put on your poker face, and pick up When Destiny Met Chance to see where the chips fall!