Why Flying Fish Don’t Fly High in the Sky an Ancient Hawaiian Tale – Stephen Jorgensen

This is a children’s picture book. It has colorful pictures and a fairly simple story based on Hawaiian legends of long ago. It is a part of Mr. Jorgensen’s series of children’s Hawaiian picture books. Most of the story can easily be read by a child reader, But it is also a good book to be read to a child by an adult. Some of the side material is too challenging for a beginner reader and perhaps needs an adult to explain it. But this expands the child’s mind. So not to worry.

This story is about why flying fish don’t fly up in the sky with the birds, long ago one flying fish did try flying with the birds but ran into problems that made him decide that fish don’t belong in the sky.

The illustrations are done by the author, Stephen Jorgensen, who is an artist in Hawaii. He specializes in bigger Hawaiian paintings and has over 200 other works of beautiful Hawaiian art available on his Etsy website. Most of his work is large canvas wall hangings, some of which are reduced to coloring pages for his Relaxing Hawaiian Scenes Coloring books. See these artworks at hawaiiseascapes.etsy.com.