Why Girls Like Bad Boys: And How NOT to Be the Nice Guy that Finishes Last – Trent Bishop

You’ve been a nice guy all your life. Trying to be courteous and gentlemanly. Caring and sensitive. Attentive and supportive. The result: You’re either ignored or abused, pushed aside, or forever relegated to the dreaded Friend Zone – that abyss of which we dare not speak, from which few, if any, men returneth. The women that you’ve tried to care for have spurned you, or outright blamed your niceness for not feeling attraction toward you. It’s confusing, isn’t it? Women claim they want a nice guy, yet you’ve been dumped enough times to know that’s just not the case. But what about the bad boy is so appealing? And is there a way to adopt only the attractive qualities these dickwads must possess, without actually having to become one altogether? Well – yes, yes there is – and that’s exactly what this ebook is designed to help you do.