Wolf in the Castle – Amerine Graham

The weekend of Dominic and Patrice’s wedding has arrived. The wolves leave Timber Creek for Colt city where Patrice’s dream venue, Castle Richards, is located. Upon arriving in Colt city, Dominic meets with his uncle, who gives Dominic a grave but vague warning about Castle Richards. As Castle Richards is where Patrice has always dreamt of getting married, Dominic doesn’t heed his uncle’s warning, chalking it up as little more than bizarre behavior from a strange relative.
Once they arrive at the luxurious castle, built in the 1920s by the eccentric millionaire Branson Richard’s, things start to get a little strange. Their cake gets destroyed, their decorations get ruined, and it seems like someone is trying to prevent them from getting married. The strange activities start to escalate as Dominic gets attacked their first night there by a mysterious presence.