When Shadows Linger – Phyllis Babrove

“When Shadows Linger,” contemporary women’s fiction, is set in New England. The story is about a young woman’s loss and the emotional journey she endures to resolve her grief and find happiness.

Maggie Sinclair, thirty-one years old, is widowed when her husband dies in a car accident following a winter storm. Having difficulty remaining in Wisconsin because of constant memories, Maggie sells her therapy practice and home, and moves to Vermont. Opening up a private practice, she meets one of the people with an office in her building, Ben Grayson. Maggie is reluctant to become involved with Ben as she is still in love with her husband. As time passes, Maggie encounters signs of her late husband in various forms, such as a soft touch on her face or seeing a shadow. As her relationship with Ben becomes more serious, Maggie’s husband appears to her by voice and finally in person. Maggie is constantly asking him for a sign telling her that it is okay to move on. Through the therapy that she provides to her clients who are dealing with loss due to death, family issues and adoption, Maggie also works on resolving her own grief.

According to statistics, there were over eleven million widows in the United States in 2001 (AARP); 3.2 marriages per one thousand ends in divorce in the U.S. (Center for Disease Control 6/13/2016); and every nine seconds a woman is the victim of domestic violence in the U.S. (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). Those who have dealt with loss of any type will be able to relate to Maggie’s loss and her desire to find happiness.