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The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela – Nelson Mandela

An unforgettable portrait of one of the most inspiring historical figures of the twentieth century, published on the centenary of his birth. Arrested in 1962 as South Africa’s apartheid regime intensified its brutal campaign against political opponents, forty-four-year-old lawyer and African National Congress activist Nelson Mandela had no idea that he would spend the next twenty-seven years in jail. During his 10,052 days of incarceration, the future leader of South Africa wrote a multitude of letters to unyielding prison authorities, fellow activists, government officials, and, ...    Read More >



First Line

It was neither the tang of sea nor the rancidness of rotting fish, garbage and offal that roused me from my doze.


Something angered Jean Watson.


Once the convenience store clerk stopped staring at my breasts, he recognized the man in the picture.



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Diamond Sky – David Clarkson

A group of scientists led by Dr Emmy Rayne has made the scientific breakthrough of the century. Their research into astral travel will open up the universe for exploration like never before. Unfortunately, not everyone on the team has the same agenda. When the next phase of testing is outsourced to the military, Emmy fears that all of her work to help mankind may be used to destroy it. As her experiments begin producing unexpected side effects, Emmy’s only hope lies with a passing traveller ...