A Dark and Bloody Business (Charley Cat’s Carnival: Book 0) – Dora Badger

It’s late summer in 1901 and Joseph Albers is a man in trouble: he bet everything on a Kentucky coal mine, but soon after his mine collapsed the family and friends who followed him from Atlanta began falling to smallpox and yellow fever. In a desperate attempt to save what’s left of his town – and his dream of making it big in coal country – Joseph hunkers down at the crossroads, hoping for a midnight meeting with the devil.

Instead Joseph encounters the ancient, ageless god Charley Cat, and finds himself surrounded by the demons, legends, and creatures of myth who travel with him. By the time their parley has ended, the fate of Piquette will have changed forever.

NOTE: The author intends for this short work to be free. It is currently free on Nook, but Amazon has yet to match that price, so while we’re waiting, you can download the Kindle file (.mobi) here: