A Loss Too Great – Lonz Cook

Tom and Mary Stetson have the perfect marriage and the best son. Their joy of the last 20 years is reflective in the way their son, Tom Junior, achieves and excel. As responsible parents, they guide Tom Junior to a course for success.
Tom Junior develops a growing independence and prides himself on being a true patriot. When Tom Junior graduates high school, he decides to pay his college tuition. His decision embarks him on a journey with the Army. Though Junior understands his parents’ sacrifice, he wants them to use the education savings on themselves.

The empty nest life takes Tom and Mary by storm. Their lives turn to youthful days from frolicking flirtations to unyielding explorations, they become spontaneous, rekindling their love to greater heights. When two soldiers knock on the Stetson’s front door, their message of Tom’s demise sends Mary to her knees. Her fear becomes a living nightmare and the despondency creates a spiraling emotion into a crevice of dark and dreary behavior.

Tom’s strength is tested. He fights to reclaim their lives despite their loss and ends up recreating a life of his own.