A Love Lost in Positano – D.P. Rosano

After working in Kabul for several years, Danny D’Amato needs a break. Stressed with the war, he chooses the sunshine and blue waters of Positano for his escape, and brings along a journal to record his

thoughts and memories to use as restorative balm for when he returns to the war zone.
Soon, the pages of his diary fill with notes about the woman he meets on the sunny cliffs over the Mediterranean, and his own conversion from a war-weary veteran to a man in love. In a slight few days,

both he and Gaia fall in love, share intimate details of their lives, and imagine what a future would be like together.
And then, she is gone.
After Danny spends countless days looking for Gaia, the vast distance between them finally closes… but for reasons neither of them could have predicted.